Stay Out of the Desert was written and directed by Devon Hyland and Connor Thompson.

We follow Devon whose guitar is stolen in a story told over four episodes so darn funny they'll make your head spin! Devon Hyland and Connor Thompson are comedians who have also made the podcasts Time Drones and The Playcast.

Their live shows have been well-reviewed, we tell ya:

"The two actors have an insane chemistry as they easily transform into multiple comic roles, reminiscent of hit cult flick Wet Hot American Summer (if not a stoner-comedy Field of Dreams)."
-EYE Weekly, Toronto

"Dale Beaner and the Turtle Boy is one of the best written, most highly polished comedies of this or any other Fringe."
-Halifax Chronicle Herald

"These two excellent performers make a whole lot of craziness seem like perfect, heartfelt sense."

Connor and Devon are both alumni of The Second City Toronto Mainstage company.